Variants Pattern

How to create Variants pattern

Some products come in multiple colors; you need to create a separate variation for these products. Examples of some products in the demo:

To create these variations, please follow the steps :

  1. Create a variation image ( *.jpg or *.png) with 1:1 ratio (square image), the best size of width/height is 80x80 px

  2. Create Variation: From "Theme Settings", click the tab "Vinova Product Color Custom", Upload each variation, and enter a name for it

  3. When you enter a color variation for your product, please set the name of the variation of each product image exactly after the variations you just created.

Upload the image from the "Vinova Product Color Custom" Settings. Name the color as intuitive and easy to use as you like.

Set your product variant exactly to the name you just created :

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