Mini Cart Canvas

When you click on the cart icon above the header, the cart canvas will be displayed. Cart canvas has 2 states: There are items in the cart, and when the cart is empty. When the cart is empty, you can add suggested top collections to motivate customers to shop.

From "Theme Settings", click the tab "Vinova Cart", Please scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find a section called "Vinova Mini Cart Canvas".

  1. Cart note: Enable / Disable note for this order. Please note: this is a note for the whole order, not for each product. If you want to note each product you need to write a note on the detail page of that product

  2. Shipping Rates Calculator: Enable / Disable the Shipping Rates Calculator and change some text content

  3. Discount code: Enable / Disable coupon code

  4. Choose cart icon : Change the cart icon style at the top. The list of icons corresponding to the styles, we have detailed instructions HERE

  5. Collections On Cart Empty : Add suggested top collections to motivate customers to shop

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