How to Install & Activate

How to Install & Activate a New Theme

Step 1: Download & Unzip The Package

  1. After you purchase the theme, please download the package HERE

  2. Click the button "Download" > All files & documentation

  3. Please extract the download package which you just downloaded from Theme Forest

Please note: The installation file we put in the "THEMES" folder in the package you just unzipped. In the "THEMES" folder, we divide the folders containing the theme packages by the names "TeeMate", "ModaMate," "DigiMate," "OneMate," "WeedMate," "PlayMate." Do not upload all; upload the installation file according to the homepage you want to use

Step 2: Upload Theme Source :

  1. Please log in to your Shopify store and click Online Store > Themes

  2. At Theme Library, click Add theme, and choose Upload zip file.

  3. The Upload Theme dialog displays. Click Add File or Drop File to upload to select the .zip file you want to upload.

  4. Click Upload file.

  5. Wait until the uploading process finishes. Then click the Publish button to activate the source to be live.

Step 3: Activate Theme with License Key

  1. From Shopify Admin, Click the Customize button

  2. From Theme Settings, go to the Purchase Code tab > Enter your Purchase Code, and Do not forget to click the "SAVE" button!

Please Note: You can use one license for one domain. Please do not share your license with anyone because it CANNOT be active on any other domain. Envato's API system will warn if the theme does not use a valid license.

How to transfer a license when adding a new Domain

According to Envato's regulations, each license can only be active for a single domain.

Typically, you activate the license for the development domain (for example, When you purchase a new domain to link to your store, you must deactivate the old registration first. It's crucial to note that if you neglect to take this initial step, your domain connection won't be established because the license is still associated with the old domain.

  • From Theme Settings, go to the Purchase Code tab > Purchase code action > Remove Purchase code

  • Once you have added the new domain, please select 'Activate Purchase Code' from the drop-down menu.

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